Pars Anatolian aims to minimize fuel costs in its drilling rigs by utilizing electricity as the primary source of power in most of its units. Our solid control systems, mud pumps and peripheral equipment are all electric driven, with standby backup generators, helping our clients save up to 6000 USD per day in fuel costs.


THE ELECTRIC MUD PUMPS , not only provide dramatic savings in fuel consumption, but also enable higher flow efficiency and control during drilling, which is critical for directional drilling operations. An added benefit is increased work safety thanks to reduced noise levels.


All electrical systems are supported with our mobile transformers that meet TEIAS (Turkish Electricity Transmission Co.) standard requirements, which allow electricity connection prior to mobilization as well as save our clients the costs required for purchasing their own expensive transformer systems.



Pars Anatolian bases its foundations on BM Group’s over 10 years' experience as an active investor and explorationist in geothermal energy. This has enabled Pars to purchase or design and develop its equipment based on actual investor requirements and priorities rather than manufacturer’s recommendations. Along the same line, the Group’s activities as an operator has also driven Pars to field test and continually improve its equipment through intensive use.


Therefore, Pars can offer solution packages which significantly differ from its competitors, with respect to their cost and performance optimized specifically for geothermal applications.


Directional drilling applications are becoming widespread in the geothermal industry owing to its inherent advantages to well permeability, productivity and overall reservoir utilization efficiency. Moreover, many vertical wells also significantly deviate from the vertical owing to sub surface conditions. The new legislation also recognizes this fact by adding strict regulations for measuring and reporting deviation in geothermal wells meeting certain criteria, where certain wells are even shut down in case they deviate beyond allocated limits. This places significant emphasis on accurate well navigation measurements.


Gyro Log is currently noted as the most accurate well navigation measurement method currently available. Pars is proud to present this service to its clients at an affordable price point and high availability.


Our Coiled Tubing services up to 5000m TWD offer the most versatile solution to many well problems, thanks to an extensive list of capabilities including;

1.	Quick mobilization and operation times, minimizing operational risks, costs and production downtime,
2.	Re-entry and intervention without well-killing in artesian wells,
3.	Continuous pumping during trip time,
4.	Underbalanced drilling without formation damage,
5.	Lower overall costs in comparison to conventional workover rig operations,
6.	Deep nitrogen stimulation for extreme well cleaning


Correct planning of acidizing program and pumping at adequate flow rates is essential for a successful geothermal acidizing operation. We are working in collaboration with internationally renowned acidizing and chemical expert Fangmann. We are also performing all acidizing operations with minimum 1000HP acid frac pump units with fully redundant backup, as well as acid blenders and tanks enabling safe handling of large acid quantities.


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