Coiled Tubing Units provide users with many capabilities, including the following:

• Re-entry and intervention with artesian wells, without well-killing,
• Quick mobilization and operation times minimizing operational risks, costs and production downtime,
• Continuous pumping during trip time,
• Underbalanced drilling without formation damage,
• Lower overall costs in comparison to conventional workover rig operations.

In addition, Pars has diversified its Coiled Tubing Services range by adding the following capabilities:

• Pressure pumping service range for acid and nitrogen stimulation operations (PRESSURE PUMPING section),
• Coil Drilling capability down to 4000m depth with 2-7/8” diameter pipe
• 2-7/8” large diameter tubing for high-volume pumping operations
• Specialty services for multilateral wells
• E-coil system for perforation and e-line logging by string-injection