Pars Anatolian has the capacity to provide drilling services up to 5.000 meters depth in accordance with international standards and best practices.


Our inventory comprises minimum 3M pressure control equipment, top quality SCADA controlled solid control systems and high-power, electric mud pump, all sourced from top manufacturers with international renown. Our suppliers include Upetrom, Gardner Denver, NOV, MD Totco, MI Swaco, Jereh and Petrotek.

Our rigs were carefully optimized to offer the highest operational flexibility, thanks to greatly reduced mobilization footprint, practical control systems and a simple, no-nonsense design. All of that was taken one step further with clever features such as electric mud pumps for serious fuel cost savings and improved flow control and SCADA controlled solid control systems for easier, more efficient control while drilling.

Pars Anatolian drilling rigs also come with an optional GEOTHERMAL MUDLOGGING system, developed by Pars Anatolian. This system automatically logs all fundamental geothermal drilling parameters (i.e. mud inlet & return temperature, salinity, ROP, WOB, line pressures, etc.) and records them digitally in real-time, at a cost significantly below those of conventional mud-logging systems.