The following tests and production services are offered by Pars Anatolian

• Well stimulation, including;
• Well stimulation by air lifting,
• Well stimulation by nitrogen lifting,
• Well stimulation by negative displacement under pressure

• Flow Tests, including;
• Water loss tests,
• Pressure and temperature buildup tests,
• Short term flow tests,
• Long term flow tests,
• Well interference tests,
• Inhibitor tests

Pars Anatolian maintains a large inventory of testing and production equipment including silencer and weirs, flowline assemblies including all measurement gauges, pressure monitoring and data logger systems including GSM remote control, high pressure and high flow rate air-compressors, nitrogen bubbler units, nitrogen tanks and gas supplies and water level measurement systems. 

Pars Anatolian also conducts or coordinates a wide range of chemical analyses required for the testing and production services.