Pars Anatolian also offers workover services both with its mobile 180-ton drilling rigs and a 125-ton fully mobile drilling rig that has been specifically configured for workover operations. All our inventory includes a minimum of 3M pressure control equipment sourced from top manufacturers of international renown.
Thanks to flexible peripheral equipment configuration available with our drilling rigs, we can offer simpler assemblies and very competitive rates for simpler operations.


Installation of downhole pumps into wells is a very critical activity that is often underestimated in construction of wells. Incorrect planning and methodologies often lead to stuck pumps or severing of critical elements such as inhibitor piping. Possible scaling in the well bore adds to the complexity of the procedure.
Pars provides its clients with durable, reliable and swift downhole pump lowering and installation services, including supply of all required equipment such as working substructure, handling tools and attachment apparatus.


Thanks to its custom designed specialty equipment, Pars Anatolian provides tubing installation and rental services for clients that are not requiring the use of a drilling or workover rig or a Coiled Tubing Unit. This is a more time consuming yet cost effective operation that offers clients successful completion within restricted budgets.


Inhibitor systems are one of the most critical pieces of every geothermal well production system, where incorrectly installed systems often lead to early failures and even well damage. Pars Anatolian also offers installation services for inhibitor systems, including lowering, setting, commissioning and operation testing.