Health And Safety


Pars Anatolian aims to achieve and surpass the highest standards in the Turkish oil & gas sector in Worker Health, Opeartional Safety and Environmental Compliance. For this reason, Pars Anatolian took painstaking efforts in developing a very comprehensive set of OHSAS regulations.

Our HSE understanding prioritizes the following

• To optimize our operational practices in order to maximize operational (work) safety, worker health and environmental compliance,
• To meet and exceed OHSAS requirements for maintaining, distributing and utilizing safety hardware in the work environment,
• To provide and support an “on-the-job training” mechanism that will evolve existing HSE policies and practices,
• To utilize environmentally compliant designs, configurations and equipment

Our efforts of increasing our performance in OHSAS are regulated by a detailed OPERATIONAL HEALTH, WORKER SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE (OHSAS) regulation book. Following this HSE regulations book is an obligation not only for Pars personnel, but also for our subcontractors and suppliers. The same is included without exception, in all our contracts with suppliers and subcontractors. In order to sustain our OHSAS policy, PARS employs a CORPORATE HSE TEAM which includes field experts and occasional independent occupational health and safety inspectors. The duty of this team is as follows:

• OHSAS CONFORMITY VERIFICATION Pars uses OHSAS verification system in commissioning a new facility, a new team or a new operational service. Including social and environmental issues, the procedure of this system is to investigate major risks, audit all facilities and the operational steps with regard to those risks, identify any and all shortcomings and determine precautions to avoid such risks. The same OHSAS system also applies to our directors, where all executive officers are obliged to prepare and run their departments with respect to OHSAS regulations, take precautions against possible weak points and present these precautions to the upper levels of management.

• PERIODIC OHSAS INSPECTIONS Within our efforts to maintain requirements of OHSAS regulations, Pars places significant emphasis on internal audits. All main equipment and operational teams are inspected in accordance with Pars OHSAS regulation once a year. In parallel, Pars’ OHSAS Team is also audited by Pars’ operational specialists as well as independent OHSAS experts from outside the company. Thanks to this system, the company is audited by both experts with extensive knowledge of the company structure and independent experts that offer a different perspective. During these periodical audits, the weak points are detected in various departments and common potential shortcomings are browsed using cross auditing techniques. In the event that a weak point is detected, a 30 day period is granted to the respective department to develop a recovery plan; which is approved by the management prior to implementation. Corrections that are performed in this manner are inspected by the Corporate OHSAS Team, either in a special audit or during the next audit. All the evidence is submitted to the relevant department head and management.

• OHSAS INTERNAL AUDITS In addition to the audits performed by independent auditors, supplementary and periodical audits are performed as well. In the event that any weak point is identified as a result, the same methods of the OHSAS General Audit are followed.