Thanks to its large fleet of E-line and Slick-line units, Pars Anatolian provides the following groups of logging services

1. PT, PTS and FTS logs, mainly aimed for the geothermal sector, with the PTS log now offering fiber optic scanner capability for real-time and continuous downhole data scanning and monitoring. FTS log is yet a mostly undiscovered ingenious logging method enabling acquisition of undisturbed borehole fluid samples from desired depths in order to differentiate between multiple reservoirs as generally found in Turkey.
2. Well Navigation Log (Azimuth / Gyro Log) that has become an essential well log in the geothermal industry during the recent years. This trend follows the increasing number of directional wells in the industry and is further substantiated by the recent legislative changes obligating acquisition of gyro logs in wells meeting certain conditions.
3. CCL, CBL, VDL, Caliper Log services for the geothermal, oil and gas sectors. Gamma ray services are expected to be added within 2015.
4. Free-point measurements and Back-Off services for stuck drill strings. 5. Perforation and Pressured gas gun services for successfully increasing well permeability, especially when used in combination with timed-release acid pills.


Pars Anatolian is proud to offer its Well Navigation Log services for all directional or otherwise deviated wells. This state of art technology combines Azimuth (coordinated navigation) technology which can measure the spatial direction of the well with Gyro Log technology which can measure the inclination in order to plot the exact placement of your well.

Effective use of well navigation data in the long term enables explorationists to accurately plot their findings and create precise 3-dimensional models, which enables them to successfully forecast geological expectations for future wells. An obvious benefit of this is efficient use of the payzone, thereby decreasing the total number of required production and re-injection wells.