Pars Anatolian offers pressure pumping services for even the most complex well drilling programs. Our service range includes the following:


Pars Anatolian pressure pumping service can offer up to 10.000 BHP combined pumping power and 15k psi pressure capability to answer all your acid stimulation requirements. Our versatile fleet ensures quick mobilization and rig-up and safe, reliable operations with backup units.


Pars offers nitrogen stimulation and nitrified acid stimulation services to answer your more complex well-cleaning and stimulation requirements. Multiple high-capacity nitrogen pumps in our fleet ensure high-pumping rate operations with backup units.


Pars can provide cementing services to answer even the most complicated cementing requirements. Thanks to our large fleet of cementing units with up to 15.000psi pressure rating, equipped with RCM systems, we can provide a wide range of solution options and quick mobilization times.

Clients are further supported by our on-call materials and chemicals supply service, supported by our fleet of mobile tanks and pneumatic cement silos. This eliminates the needs for costly storage silos, handling personnel and wasted stocks at the end of the drilling operation.


Pars can provide injection test services, supported by its pressure pumping group. Pars can also provide clients with large storage capacity with agitated or static holding tanks up to 2500bbl total capacity.